Vladimir Putin Inspired Comic Strip Looking to Compete Directly with Marvel and DC: Introduces a Russian Superhero


Moscow: In what could prove to be a major development in the comic book industry, a Russian media company has decided to take on the world currently dominated by Marvel and DC superheros. A company called PKGB is currently in the process of finalizing the post publication work of a new comic series which introduces a new Russian Superhero.

We are sick and tired of reading comics in which Americans are the only ones saving the World. Each time the world is in trouble there comes a hero out of the blue, saves the world, and for some reason that hero always seems to have an American citizenship. It’s high time that the world ended its dependency on an American to save its ass.
Boris Kasparov ( CEO — PKGB)

The company is currently in the process of finalizing the first comic strip and intends to release it in the market in the new year. The company plans to release the comics in three languages namely Russian, English, and Arabic. The comics would describe the tales of a Russian man called Vlad, who was given special powers under a success lab experiment as part of a failed KGB mission in the former USSR and now tries to use his special powers to save the world and kill those who he assumes are the bad guys.

The first comic strip is basically based out of Syria and Iraq, where Vlad is sent out to annihilate the USUS army, capture its chief, and destroy its nuclear arsenal.
Boris Kasparov ( CEO — PKGB)

When questioned about the superhero having a name similar to that of the Russian President Vladmir Putin. Mr. Kasparov admitted that Vlad the superhero was influenced by the real life theatrics of Vladimir Putin and how he has been trying to save the world, be it in Crimea or in Syria.

Mr. Putin on his personal bear on the outskirts of Moscow. (Image credit: 9gag)
Mr. Putin has been an inspiring leader for Russia. Just look at the way he carries himself. He is so macho, loving, and passionate at the same time. He is hell bent on saving the world. He is not like other leaders. Tell me which world leader can swim, horse ride and then work like a cold blooded genius in office solving global problems. He is the only world leader who has the guts to take on USUS.

When we asked Mr. Kasparov what Mr. Putin thought about the comic strip, Mr. Kasparov told us that Mr. Putin felt honored about the fact that we were using his name.

When we asked Mr. Putin whether we should name the superhero after him, he was very gracious and allowed us to use his name. He said if using his name could help sell a few comics then he is all for it.

In what can only be described as an absolute honor, TNN has been selected as PKGB’s comic partner for the Indian market. Watch this space for upcoming PKGB comic strips.

Author: Anshul Srivastava