Thinking Indians Volunteer to Vote for Hillary Clinton in US Presidential Elections


Washington DC: In an unprecedented turn of events people of India, especially those with the ability to think, have come out in support of US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. In fact, these thinking Indians have gone one step further and have volunteered to vote for Mrs. Clinton in case there aren’t enough thinking Americans in the United States.

I truly believe that people who can think should get behind Hillary Clinton and prevent the other guy from winning the US Presidential elections. That’s why I am here. I am with her.
- Man from India

The Clinton camp welcomed these thinking Indians. Though we are not sure whether people from other countries are allowed to vote in the US Presidential elections but Hillary Clinton’s social media manager certainly hopes so.

This election is as much about people who can think versus people who cannot as it is about Clinton versus Trump. If people from other nations are able to think like we always thought they could then they should be allowed to vote. After all, the US elections have a huge impact on world events.
- Monica Nowinsky, Social Media Manager, Clinton camp

While the Clinton camp is all pumped up about these turn of events, the Trump camp is understandably upset. Donald Trump’s social media manager voiced his concerns.

Our entire campaign is based around people who cannot think on their own. From day one our target audience has been the not-so-silent majority which acts before it thinks. If only Americans are allowed to vote in American elections we are confident Mr. Trump would emerge winner. We cannot allow foreigners, who are taking away all our jobs because they are usually smarter than the average American, to participate in these elections. This is blasphemy at the constitutional level.
- Rudy Pence, Social Media Manager, Trump camp

As the world awaits the results of the elections to come in one thing is for certain, people who can think want Mrs. Clinton to win these elections. In the interest of fairness, after Mr. Trump publicly insulted TNN in an exclusive interview last year, TNN has decided to extend its support to the Clinton camp.