The Undertaker Retires! Passes the Torch to The Blundermaker!

The Undertaker passes the torch to The Blundermaker

In the recently concluded Wrestlemania 33, pro-wrestling legend and future WWE Hall-of-Famer Mark “The Undertaker” Calaway called it a day.

It was a sad day for Mark and millions of his marks but before the Deadman hung his blood-stained boots he did what the business has come to expect of him. He passed the torch to someone chosen by the WWE Creative as the next big thing.

The WWE wants to cash in on The Undertaker’s evergreen popularity by creating a similar looking and similar sounding character called The Blundermaker.

Crowd chants for Taker as Blunder meets his Maker!

This is a tried and tested formula that the WWE has adopted several times over the years including the time when they created brand new Diesel and Razor Ramon characters after the original Diesel and Razor Ramon defected to the WCW a couple of decades ago.

After he lost his second match at Wrestlemania in 3 years it became obvious to those watching that The Undertaker was indeed, contrary to popular belief, human. So it made sense that the WWE Creative would find a suitable clone to replace the Phenom.

The American Badass obliged the Creative by losing to The Blundermaker even as emotional pro-wrestling fans chanted his name.

It remains to be seen whether or not the WWE Creative’s latest attempt at recreating age old magic with The Blundermaker succeeds. However, there is one thing that everyone seems to agree with right now. After carrying the burden of sports-entertainment on his very large and able shoulders, The Undertaker should now Rest In Peace.

The Undertaker with The Blundermaker

Now it’s up to the WWE Creative and The Blundermaker to make wrestling great again!