Team Kills Anabella For Money: Makes An Animated Short Film That Describes The Murder In Graphic Detail!

The scene of crime.

Hollywood, California: In a shocking turn of events, a presumably talented team of animators has taken the slang “killing it” to heart and killed a young and innocent girl named Anabella for a sum of money only enough to pay the outstanding rents of their Hollywood condominiums.

The team, led by an Indian man, was last seen asking the whereabouts of the innocent Anabella in and around the Hollywood walk of fame. Anabella was found dead in her 5 bedroom apartment to the south of sunny California.

A sketch of the suspected perpetrators who killed Anabella.

What is interesting is that while Anabella’s body was found the police revealed that there were no wounds on her body but they were able to establish that this missing team of animators had killed Anabella because they found a note on the mirror that read — Operation Killing Anabella successful!

Apparently the perpetrators had signed the note and revealed their identities. In their note the team is found claiming that they find sadistic pleasure in killing an Anabella each year. They have also created an animated short film describing how they went about killing Anabella in graphic detail.

The case has been handed over to the FBI. Taking a rather amusing approach to this case, the chief of the FBI made a public Facebook update promising a bounty of $35,000 to anyone who can give them leads to where this weird group of culprits could be.


We will keep you posted about the state of affairs in this sensational murder mystery case.

No nonsense news:

Not sure what the FBI was thinking but we know what you are thinking. You will be glad to know that Anabella isn’t dead. At least not yet. Killing Anabella is an animated short film by a talented team led by Aman Bhanot. This fine team of creatives needs your support to raise $35,000 to complete Killing Anabella’s production. You can visit their indiegogo page here and make a contribution of your choice. You can also watch their pre-production hustle here.