Rahul Roy Threatens To Sue Ravi Pujari — Calls Him A Mongrel Of A Criminal

Rahul Roy Extortion

Mumbai/Dubai. Yesteryear’s Bollywood cine-star and Bigg Boss winner, Rahul Roy, in a press release, seemed hell-bent on suing the underworld gangster, Ravi Pujari, for making extortion calls to non-celebrities like Vivek Oberoi and Raj Kundra, and ignoring him. He has vowed to file a defamation case against Pujari unless he extorts no less than 5 crore rupees from him.

How can a mongrel of a criminal like Ravi Pujari put a handsome and famous personality like me in the sidelines and threaten the son of Suresh Oberoi and the husband of Shilpa Shetty? I’m sure he was paid by them to do so as it would help them come back into the limelight.
- Rahul Roy, The dude with long hair from the old Aashiqui.

Rahul was initially vying for Ravi Pujari’s attention by repeatedly sending him DVDs of his hit movies like Aashiqui, Junoon, and Sapne Sajan Ke. However, all his DVDs were returned unopened and a police case was filed against him for attempting to bludgeon Ravi Pujari into committing suicide.

In order to exact revenge, I sent him Anu Agarwal’s poster, thinking it would irk him. To my shock, he didn’t return it back. This shows his mentality. He returned a superstar’s lifetime work but kept a girl’s poster for personal use.
- Rahul Roy, The greenhorn who transforms into a bloodthirsty tiger in the movie Junoon.

When questioned, Ravi Pujari’s gang denied knowing anyone by the name of Rahul Roy. Although they claimed to know Rahul Bose and Rahul Bhatt, they feigned ignorance towards Rahul Roy’s very existence. Some of the gang members were able to remember Tom Alter and Anu Agarwal from the movie Aashiqui, but denied noticing Rahul Roy in the movie.

Our correspondent then apprised the gang members of the fact that Rahul had sent his DVDs, and subsequently a case was filed against him at Kalyan Police Station.

Toh tu us halkat ki baat kar rahi thi. Ek bar galti se Bhai ne uski DVD dekh li, tabse ajeeb-0-ghareeb harkat karrela hai woh. Bhai ne do bar pankhe se latakne ki koshish kar daali hai aur ek bar toh apni aankhen phod daali.
- Rahim Pheku, Ravi Pujari’s cigarette supplier

(Translation: So you’re talking about that vain imbecile. Boss once watched his DVD by mistake and since then, he’s been acting extremely weird. He tried committing suicide twice by hanging himself to the ceiling fan and he once even impaled his eyes.)

Rahul Roy was last heard trying to connect with KRK in order to take lessons on how to make media headlines.

Author: Anshul Srivastava

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