Kim Jong-un To Confer Honorary Citizenship To SRK And Farah Khan

Happy new year- NK

Mumbai/Pyongyang: In a press release issued from Pyongyang the Korean Central News Agency or KCNA announced that Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un has decided to confer the Korean citizenship to Shah Rukh Khan and Farah Khan.

As per the reports coming out of Pyongyang, Kim Jong was surprised by the fact that a Bollywood movie not only mentioned North Korea but also portrayed it in a positive light. Immediately after watching the movie he made up his mind to bestow upon them the honor of being Korean citizens.

He is, apparently, mighty pleased with the truthful portrayal of North Korea and its people in the SRK movie Happy New Year. He also decided to award Shah Rukh Khan the Kim Jong-il prize for supposedly speaking Indian version of Korean language extremely fluently in the movie.

The Supreme Leader has decided to confer the great and elusive citizenship of Korea to Shah Rukh Khan and Farah Khan. They are being given this honor because of the truthful portrayal of Korean people in their latest Bollywood movie — Happy New Year.
The Supreme Leader is delighted with the fact that despite being under immense pressure to depict the defeat of Korean dancers in the movie’s climax, Shah Rukh Khan and Farah Khan decided not to give in to American pressure, and portrayed the people of Korea as big-hearted and benevolent by letting the Indian team win the WDC. The Supreme Leader has also decided to award the Kim Jong-il prize to Shah Rukh Khan for speaking the Indian version of Korean with praise-worthy fluency in the movie.
- KCNA Press Release

In statements issued over Twitter, both Shah Rukh Khan and Farah Khan reacted to the news with surprise and thanked Kim Jong for the honor. Farah Khan went on to tweet that her next movie would be about Kim Jong-un with SRK portraying the beloved dictator on the silver screen.

Farah Khan Tweet

Bollywood has reacted with surprise and happiness to the news. In response to TNN’s query famous movie director Mahesh Bhatt said that this award proves that Bollywood has expanded its reach and popularity to places that even Hollywood has not reached.

Industry rumors point out that Mahesh Bhatt has decided to send Kim Jong-un some exclusive DVDs of Sunny Leone in hope of getting some funding for his next 15 sequels.

mahesh bhatt-tweet

The citizenship and the award will be bestowed upon SRK and Farah Khan sometime later this year in a big, impressive ceremony in Pyongyang. The ceremony would be attended by more than 10,000 people and the day would be marked as a national holiday. In the meanwhile, Supreme People’s Assembly of Korea has decided to showcase the movie Happy New Year across the length and breadth of North Korea.

The North Korean government has decided to use the movie to nullify the American and South Korean propaganda machines.

Author: Anshul Srivastava