John Cena Accuses Pope Francis Of Stealing His Core Values: Hustle, loyalty, And Respect!


Pro-wrestler John Cena has accused the Holy Father, Pope Francis, of stealing his core values.

As part of pro-wrestling’s premier company, WWE, John has achieved a lot of success. He is a brilliant in-ring performer and his work on the mic is the stuff of wrestling folklore. However, his core values are what make him endearing to the legion of his fans. John believes in and abides by hustle, loyalty, and respect.

Troubles began last year when Vatican’s very own Doctor of Holynomics, Pope Francis started hustling for the rights of the gay and lesbian community much to the chagrin of his Holy peers in important positions at the Vatican.

Pope Francis made his now famous “who am I to judge?” quip while referring to the homosexual community. While voicing his apparent support towards the LGBT community the Pope has also been able to command sufficient respect from his sub-ordinates at the Vatican and this has allowed him to hang on to the most revered non-political chair in human history. Due to this incident his loyalty to the church might have been questioned a few times but it has never been undermined.

Pope Francis exhibits thug life at a recent public gathering in the Vatican.

John Cena, who has recently been mid-carded by the WWE due to reasons best known to Seth Rollins fans, has vowed to the Cenation (Cena country) that he will not let the Pope put himself over. A statement released by Cena himself from the sets of Total Divas (Cena’s home) reads:

“Pope Francis, walking around in your tights, never been to fights.
You think you have the rights?
I am the white knight, I got no stage fright,
you on the other hand, won no cage fight.”

Pope Francis refused to comment on John Cena’s statement. Despite our best attempts his office could not be reached over VoIP.