ISIS And Al Qaeda Are Hiring In India: More Perks On Offer For Better Terrorism

ISIS and Al Qaeda advertisements in full swing.

India is the new battleground these days for ISIS and Al Qaeda and for a change they are not fighting the Indian government. They are fighting among themselves and the fight is about luring Indians into joining them to increase their workforce.

ISIS and Al Qaeda are in a two-way race that will eventually determine which among them is the number one terrorist organization. Until recently, Al Qaeda was undoubtedly the number one, but the new start-up ISIS, after its success in Syria and Iraq, is trying to supersede Al Qaeda and grab the number one position. India has become their favorite place to look for new recruits.

Terrorism is a people-centric industry. Getting into the limelight requires tapping into a sizable population, because then you can plan more missions and can rattle more countries. After tasting success in Iraq and Syria, ISIS is looking for new opportunities. However, it needs more people. While on the other hand, Al Qaeda hasn’t done anything big in the recent past, and to plan more ventures, it needs more people.
- Kaatil Kumar, Industry expert on terrorism

With both the organizations in recruitment mode, recruitment agencies in India have gone into overdrive. The market is abuzz with new offers and new campaigns from these companies. Many other perks are also being offered to the new recruits.

Prospective employees are being offered anything under the sun. They are being offered new machine guns, opportunity to behead western journalists and above all a chance to go on a suicide mission directly after recruitment.
- Dimag-E-Dahi, Recrutiment Head, Jihadi Recruitments & Co.

ISIS is offering new recruits incentive to work with a global workforce which is functional across countries. Also, it is offering new joiners the latest weapons and a chance to appear in videos starring beheaded international journalists. For a limited time ISIS is also offering the bachelors who are joining the organization an opportunity to marry female co-workers.

While on the other hand, Al Qaeda is offering the new recruits a chance to participate in high-profile missions against the US and India. By starting its new South Asian subsidiary it is also providing new recruits a chance to work from their home town without leaving their families.

Both the organizations are also providing special bonuses in case of referrals or group joining. For this purpose engineering colleges and other educational institutions are being approached. Currently ISIS appears to be the hot favorite in India as more and more youngsters are joining it.

Author: Anshul Srivastava

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