Indian City Gurugram Wakes Up To Find All Of Its Problems Resolved

Image credits: The Quint

New Delhi: TNN correspondents have learnt of a strange event that transpired earlier this year. On April 13th, 2016, municipal officials from the north Indian city of Gurugram woke up to find all of their problems resolved. When they opened their office files and checked their computers they discovered that they didn’t have a single complaint and there were no issues waiting to be resolved.

It was a big surprise for us. For the last 30 years I had been working day and night trying to resolve the mess in this city, but today there was not a single file or email to look at.
- Debarun Jaitley, Municipal Official, Gurugram

Till Tuesday night the municipal officials were busy solving tons of problems that were plaguing the city. Municipal offices of this city, which was known as Gurgaon at the time, were filled with complaints about damaged roads, garbage disposal issues, clogged sewer lines et cetera. But on the 13th, not a single complaint register could be found in municipal offices. We reached out to the CCO of Gurugram to learn more about the issue.

As the city called Gurgaon doesn’t exist any more all the files related to it were shredded. As far as Gurugram is concerned nobody has filed a single complaint as forms are yet to be printed.
- Arvind Facebookwall, Chief Complaint Officer, Gurugram

City officials are very happy with the government’s decision to wipe the slate clean and start all over again. They are now planning to provide better services to Gurugram’s citizens.

Imagine how many people would now require a new proofs of residence, birth certificates, and even passports. Apart from starting afresh this would uplift the local economy again.
- Mishra ji, CEO,

After hearing the benefits of name change, city officials in other cities have also started raising requests to rename their cities. When we last checked the process to rename Latur to Latooooor had been initiated. People close to the matter believe that this could solve the drought problems there.

Author: Anshul Srivastava

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