George Orwell Was Right About 1984 Asserts Tech Analyst In 2015: The Evolution Of Tech Reporting!


An analyst from one of the best performing tech companies, based out of Silicon Valley, has claimed that George Orwell was right about the year 1984. In his famous book Nineteen Eighty Four, also referred to as 1984, George Orwell had made predictions about the state of affairs in the year 1984.

TNN welcomed Anshul, the analyst who made this assertion, to its offices for an exclusive chinwag.

“Mr. Eric Arthur Blair known primarily by his pen name George Orwell was bang on the money when he predicted what the year 1984 will be like in his book. His approach to the book might have been dystopian but he still got it right. He even proved Apple Computers wrong.” — Anshul Srivastava, Analyst at Fartner.
George Orwell
Apple had famously asked “Was George Orwell right about 1984?” in 1984.

When asked why he felt the need to address Orwell’s 1984 predictions in 2015, the analyst simply responded by saying “because they are still relevant”.

In his 2 page report the analyst cites the title of Christopher Hitchens’ book Why Orwell Matters. According to other analysts, citing the title of a Christopher Hitchens book in their reports brings credibility to reports.

“Christopher Hitchens was one of the greatest minds of our times and he had a rationale behind everything he ever wrote or spoke. So even though I haven’t read the book I am certain that when Mr. Hitchens thought of the title of the book he knew for a fact what he was talking about.” — Debarun Bhattacharjee, Analyst at Jungler
The late, great Christopher Hitchens.

People from all walks of life respect the work of Mr. Hitchens mainly because it adds credulity to any topic he chose to address. Of late citing examples of totally unrelated facts has become a trend in the tech industry and has helped analysts evolve from their mundane roles of data analysts, fact checkers, and information ninjas into a much more sophisticated role. This new-found approach has allowed analysts to write countless more reports and complete many more studies than previously possible.

“In 2015 readers seek entertainment in all forms of reporting. Be it news reporting or tech analysis and studies. While news media has taken it upon themselves to entertain the masses, the more serious form of reporting, which involves carrying out studies and wading through zettabytes of data, has struggled to captivate the public’s imagination. If citing unrelated facts adds to a serious report and makes it appealing to the masses then we must welcome this approach with open arms and a broader mindset.” — Ramesh Illangovan, CEO, Door Road Journal

Anshul seemed very proud of his report on George Orwell and on his way out promised us that going forward the tech industry will never be short of analysts of his kind.