Fidel Castro Joins Che Guevara on the T-Shirt Hall of Fame


Two and a half years after his buddy Che Guevara made it to the T-shirt hall of fame, Cuba’s Fidel Castro has been given the honor posthumously. The International Capitalism Promotion Community (ICPC) gathered in a low-key event in Madison Square Garden to confer this honor on Fidel Castro.

During his lifetime Fidel Castro governed Cuba for 47 years and identified himself as a revolutionary. The fact that Mr. Castro stood up against the United States backed dictatorship in Cuba and later established a dictatorship of his own has led to many well informed internet debaters referring to him as a great revolutionary.

Mr. Castro’s hatred of capitalism is the stuff of internet folklore and the ICPC sees his death as a great opportunity to capitalize. Earlier today the ICPC’s T-Shirt division recommended the move to honor Mr. Castro and induct him in the T-Shirt hall of fame. The ICPC T-S division suggested that doing so would help sell more Fidel-faced T-Shirts to the fact free global society.

“I find capitalism repugnant. It is filthy, it is gross, it is alienating… because it causes war, hypocrisy, and competition.” — Once said Mr. Fidel Castro while checking time on his 2 Rolex watches that he had clearly bought to make a point, or two, regarding capitalism.

The division specifically wants to focus on targeting its niche market of millennials as this segment of the global population seems eager to buy revolutionary-faced T-shirts.


The ICPC has tied up with the Cuban and US governments to help push this revolutionary initiative forward. It is also being reported that the Cuban government will auction all of Mr. Castro’s Rolex watches to make for the shipping charges of the T-Shirts.

Mr. Castro was certainly right about one thing, capitalism causes hypocrisy.
- Infidel Castracizo, Cuban Minister for Globalization

Our sources suggest that since Mr. Castro’s passing on November 25, 2016, Google search for the term “revolution” has seen a healthy spike.