Dwayne The Rock Johnson Is The Little People’s Champion

Dwayne The Rock Johnson
The Rock visits Ms. Kara. (Image Credit: Dwayne The Rock Johnson)

Miami, Florida: Dwayne The Rock Johnson might have been absent from in-ring action but absent from the people’s heart The Rock is not!

The Great One was seen visiting the little people’s hospital earlier today. He then posted a pic on his social media accounts that shows him being blown away by little Ms. Kara’s bright blue nail polish. TNN’s health and wellness correspondent CJ caught up with Dwayne and this is what the Brahma Bull had to say about his time outside the ring.

CJ: Dwayne, what brings you here?
Dwayne: You wish to know what brings me here?
CJ: Yes, I would love to know…
Dwayne: It doesn’t matter what you wish to know! All that matters is that Finally…. The Rock has come back… To the little people of America… Because The Rock is the little people’s champion and the little people know that!

The rest of the conversation didn’t go quite as planned for our correspondent.

Dwayne has recently been accused of turning into a face (the term used for a good guy in professional wrestling) in real life after years of being the most hated wrestler-turned-hollywood-money-spinner in the world. In what seems like a deliberate attempt to regain the respect of his sanctimonious pro-wrestling peers, The Most Electrifying Man in All Of Entertainment is now hosting a baby face (another term for a pro-wrestling good guy) reality show gimmick called Wake Up Call.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson
The Rock danced like a baby face this Christmas (Image Credit: Dwayne The Rock Johnson)

In his illustrious career, first as a Superstar and then as a megastar, Dwayne has been able to woo the millions, and millions, of The Rock’s fans, but it remains to be seen if his baby face antics can bring him any closer to his starstruck pro-wrestling peers. Nevertheless, his recent attempts at not coming across as a heel in real life seem to have fetched him a new nickname — The Little People’s Champion.

TNN Person of the year

The Rock was one of TNN’s five nominees for Person of the year but he did not win, for a change.