Catch-UP : STL’s New Baby To Revolutionize Social Media Monitoring

Image credits: Household Hacker

After introducing CTRL V, their first industry defining product 2 years ago, STL (ShikharTechLabs) has introduced a new product which could bring about a breakthrough in the entertainment and event management industries. These industries are currently looking for new ways to increase revenues.

The app which has been appropriately named Catch-UP would use a combination of AI and real time social media monitoring tech to determine if a particular person has paid the requisite fee to enter an entertainment park or bought a ticket to an event. Then it would notify the concerned party to take action accordingly.

This is a new and revolutionary method to catch people who have been trespassing on other people’s property in the real world by monitoring their virtual life. This new technology would help us catch every trespasser ever. Isn’t that empowering?
Shikhar Srivastava, The S in STL

The app is currently in Beta phase and is being tested by some of the most prominent names in the entertainment parks and event management industries. The revolutionary app will also monitor social media for all check-ins done by a user at a specific venue, or event, and then it will match that specific user’s information with the ticket servers and CCTV camera data using their names and pictures from social media. In case Catch-UP finds no record of that user entering the venue or location it would report the same to the concerned authorities to take necessary actions.

There have been many reported incidents of people using the check-in feature on Facebook to imply that they have visited our parks, but when we check ticket sales records we find no evidence of them having entered our parks. This new app will help us in consolidating a list of all such people and then send them a legal notice to recover a fine that will be equivalent to the ticket prices.
- James Mickey, Bisney Parks

The news of this revolutionary app has resulted in a lot of anger among social media users across the world. People are going so far as to calling it an attack on their privacy.

Now I can’t make a status update such as “Having breakfast at Taj”, while enjoying pakoda-chutney at home. I will always live in fear of Taj sending me a bill, demanding an imaginary fine for an imaginary breakfast.
- @fekuindian a.k.a Rajesh Feku

Catch-UP is being touted as the next big thing in real time social media monitoring. So the next time when you check-in be careful because Catch-UP could catch up with you and you may end up paying fines for showing off on social media.

Author: Anshul Srivastava