Arpita Khan Wedding Reunites Shahrukh and Salman: Nation Erupts With Joy!

arpita khan wedding

Mumbai/Hyderabad: The Arpita Khan wedding has been the talk of the tinsel town, and for all the right reasons. In what can be described as a historic day for India, pictures of two of its biggest stars, famous for their long running egoistic fight, were splashed across the media today. Elation was palpable on the faces of millions of Indians as soon as pictures were leaked by media organizations across India. Twitter and Facebook went berserk with millions across India sharing the images of Shahrukh and Salman kissing Arpita Khan together at her wedding and expressing their joy.

Both the superstars were at loggerheads for a long time over trivial issues. Their enmity had divided Indians irrespective of their creed, sex, or intellectual quotient. Facebook and Twitter have been rife with morphed images and comments of their supporters ridiculing one superstar and praising the other. A lot of prominent people from Bollywood and otherwise had tried to sort out their issues but to no avail.

Their enmity had endangered the very fabric that binds this nation together. The country was divided, brothers turned against each other, but thanks to my efforts they have finally patched up and the country is united again.
- Baba Fiddiqui, the person who was seen between SRK and Salman in last year’s famous Eid reunion pic

The traffic on facebook was so high that the Menlo park based company had to disable the sharing of images for sometime so that other users could perform their daily activities on Facebook. Twitter on other hand had to send its US traffic in maintenance mode for sometime as #KaranArjunAaGaye took the entire digital world by storm. The hashtag #KaranArjunAaGaye became the all time best trending hashtag in the history of Twitterverse.

#KaranArjunAaGaye took us by storm. The number of tweets per minute was mind-blowing. Within minutes it broke the reocrds of #YoKejriwalSoHonest and #AlokNathIsSoSanskari. It was tough for me to keep track of all the tweets and retweet them.
- @twitterkumar, famous for participating in all popular hashtag movements

Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi wished both superstars and declared that good days had arrived for India.


Many tinsel town stars who were caught in the crossfire between the two superstars also breathed a sigh of relief and announced their happiness over twitter.

KAran Johar
Sajid Wajid
Digvijay Singh

Apart from social media, Indians also took to the streets carrying out massive processions and candle light marches across major cities. People took out processions with cutouts of SRK and Salman chanting “The Khanhomie lives” and “Bharat ki Majboori hain, Sharukh Salman zaroori hain” (Translation: “Shahrukh and Salman are the heroes India deserves, but not the ones it needs right now. So we’ll rejoice for them. Because they can fake it. Because they are not our heroes. They are our silent guardians, watchful protectors. Brown Knights.”).

indians ceelbrating
India’s female population was particularly excited about the turn of events

Massive celebrations took place across the length and breadth of India with fans wishing that the friendship between the two superstars lasts forever. Some people have even requested the government to declare this day as “Brotherhood Day”. Government of India, in a press release, announced that it would nominate SRK and Salman Khan for the Nobel Peace Prize 2015 for heralding peace in India.

Author: Anshul Srivastava