Area Man’s Social Status Elevated After Buying an iPhone 6S Plus

Area man iPhone 6S Plus

Toronto, Canada: Anshul Srivastava, a reputed analyst and occasional drama queen from Toronto, was leading a very normal 9 to 5 slave life. He was quite dejected with his life as he was treated like a commoner everywhere. Then on his wife’s suggestion he bought an iPhone 6S Plus which changed his life dramatically.

My old Android phone was broken and I was on the verge of buying another Android phone. But then my wife asked me to go for an iPhone. I was never a fan but then decided to go with the 14 days trial.
-Anshul Srivastava

After paying a small amount of 1500 CAD Anshul felt as if something has changed in his life. He saw a light emanate from the iPhone’s sealed box, which slowly entered his body.

As soon as I made the payment and the salesperson asked me to break the seal of the box, I felt something inside me had changed. I could feel photons coming out of that golden phone and entering me. And then as I touched the buttons of the phone I felt as if I have checked all the boxes in the revenue sheet of life.
-Anshul Srivastava

Anshul’s view towards life has changed drastically ever since he bought the iPhone 6S Plus. It has now been 15 days and the thought of returning the phone has not even crossed his mind.

When he came home that day he was a changed person. He was happy. He was smiling. All his bleating, like the goat which has lost its fodder, had subsided. I initially thought he was on drugs, but I soon realized it was no ordinary drug. It was the iDrug.
- Sachi (Anshul’s Wife)
Area man iPhone6SPlus

According to Anshul whenever he goes out he doesn’t feel like a commoner any more. He feels like a superstar.

In the subway whenever I take out my phone, I can see eyes looking at me. The commoners are in awe of me. In parties everyone asks me to take pictures. All the selfies include me.
-Anshul Srivastava
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